I cannot possibly say enough positive things about my experience and time with Leslie. As someone with ADHD, I had a unique set of circumstances where I needed not only my home and life organized, but my thoughts as well. Thanks to her background in social work, she was perfectly qualified to handle my situation and armed me with tools that I still carry and use a year after we worked together. I highly recommend Leslie, she is an ANGEL!

— Danielle W.

Talking with Leslie helps my brain think differently about things.

— Kim H.

Leslie has helped me tremendously and is a pleasure to work with. She watches my work patterns, asks smart questions, and listens to my concerns. Then she provides thoughtful and insightful recommendations about how to solve my problem or improve my (and my office’s) performance. Always professional, she is patient, creative, and fun – a great combo!

— Penny W.

I am living in a space that feels too small and cluttered on the best of days. Add in a quarantine that required working from home and homeschooling, and suddenly my life was in total shambles. Leslie was able to view photos, ask the perfect questions about how we use the space, and offer great suggestions — all via video call! Leslie was a quick and empathetic problem- solver, checking in and offering encouragement on my weekly homework. I can’t recommend Leslie highly enough!

— Cheryl B.

Working with Leslie has brought great satisfaction, helping me work smarter and more efficiently. Leslie listens well, gets the big picture, and creates an organizational framework to meet your needs. She’s very personable, extremely reliable, and has great follow-through. Definitely worth the investment made.

— Deborah H.

Leslie has helped me tackle the mess, room by room, project by project until I now have a home I can actually live in. And the process has been far less painful than I expected, thanks to her easy-going, supportive, down-to-earth manner. Working with her has changed how I look at my possessions, which has given me my home and my life back. I will always be grateful to her.

— C. Riley

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