• Working From Home: Finding What Works September 17, 2020 - Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with Kayla David and Sarah Kelly-Palmer of Family Service of Rhode Island. These two lovely human beings are experienced therapists and co-hosts of the “Be Well RI” Facebook Live series on Wednesdays at 10am. Through these conversations, Kayla and Sarah are helping kids and adults deal with pandemic-driven… Continue Reading
  • BECOME A LEGO® (STORAGE) MASTER Become a LEGO® (Storage) Master: Ask These 6 Questions August 11, 2020 - “How do I store all these LEGO® bricks?” As a professional organizer, I get that question a lot. As a parent of avid builders, I am living it right along with everyone else.  To know what will work best for your space, you need a good understanding of where and how the building magic happens.… Continue Reading

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